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Change the threshold for sending SMS that fluctuates the current account balance of corporate customers

To help businesses digitize financial management and save costs, Techcombank is pleased to announce that we will stop sending SMS with balance fluctuations under VND 50,000 on your current account from 15 Sep 2021.
Instead, businesses can receive notifications of all transactions for free, safer and more convenient with 1 of the following 2 applications:

 [email protected] EBank
 TCB OTP application
  • Step 1: Open TCB OTP application
  • Step 2: Select Notification
  • Step 3: Enter PIN code
For detailed information and support, please contact:
  • Relationship managers
  • Corporate Contact Center 1800 6555 (domestic) or 84-24-73036556 (international)
  • Or visit the nearest Techcombank branches or transaction offices