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Warning newsletter: Impersonation of Techcombank to provide credit card services

With the rising demand for card spending, taking advantage of this, there is fraud to impersonate Techcombank and provide credit card services. To ensure our valued customers have a safe experience with Techcombank, we recommend safe instructions as follow:

  • Call to offer the service of cash withdrawal from credit card, installment conversion with a low-interest rate
  • Require customers to provide a two-sided image of the card or card number, CVV and OTP
  • Perform online transactions on customers' credit cards using the information provided by customers
  • Transfer money to customer afterward or never transfer the money back.
 DO:  DON'T:
  • Verify with the bank before using recommended services
  • Be conscious of messages or emails that contain an unknown link
  • Please reach us at hotline 24/7: 1800 588 822 (domestic) or 84-24-39446699 (international) to verify or notice us when receiving a suspicious request.
  • DO NOT provide your OTP code/ card number/ CVV to anyone including the bank staff.
  • DO NOT provide your personal information such as IC/ Passport to strangers
  • DO NOT access any suspicious link or send any SMS request with strange syntax.
Techcombank will not ask you to provide information such as OTP authentication code, CVV number and digital banking password. The bank will only contact you through the following hotline numbers:
  • Northern area: 024 3228 3588
  • Southern area: 024 3269 3188
 In case of detecting or suspecting fraud, Techcombank recommend our customers to:
Immediately change online banking password, lock online payment feature and your credit card
Contact hotline 24/7: 1800 588 822 (domestic) or 84-24-39446699 (international), email[email protected] or go to the nearest branch for further support
In addition, we recommend you should report to the nearest police station or follow the instructions in the "Instructions on denunciation of crimes" on the Ministry of Public's Security's website:( or

(*) Techcombank will not be responsible for the case that customer provides the above confidential information to people impersonating the bank.
Thank you very much for your attention and cooperation!