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Vision, Mission, and Value


Techcombank aspires to be the best bank and a leading business in Vietnam.



  • To be the preferred and most trusted financial partner of our customers, providing them with a full range of financial products and services through a personalized/customer centric relationship.

  • To provide our employees with a great working environment where they have multiple opportunities to develop, contribute, and build a successful career.

  • To offer our shareholders superior long term returns by executing a fast growth strategy while enforcing rigorous corporate governance and risk management best practices.



1. Customer centricity:

"Because we only succeed when customers succeed"

Techcombank always places customers at the center of every thought and action. We protect our customers' interests by always complying with the laws and the Bank’s regulations. Techcombank facilitates customers’ long-term successes, in addition to addressing the short-term financial needs.

2. Innovate to be the leader:

All Techcomers are always ready to lead the charge for positive change; to explore and learn without fear of failure; and to be innovative in every action to create breakthroughs for the benefit of customers.

3. Effective collaboration:

"Because you cannot succeed at Techcombank if you work alone"

Each Techcomer places the Bank's benefits above their personal interests. They are willing to listen to constructive feedback, to offer support when needed, and to work together and create the highest value for Techcombank, its customers, and its shareholders.

4. Excellent human resources:

"To create a competitive advantage and outstanding success for ourselves and our organization."

With the motto of "Empower and be empowered", Techcombank creates conditions and opportunities for the staff to develop and to succeed. In turn, Techcomers also actively learn to improve their capabilities and to continually set higher goals for themselves.

5. Committed to action

"To overcome challenges and come out on top"

At Techcombank, commitment is not only presented through thoughts, but also through taking the initiative and responsibility to act to deliver results. We are disciplined and compliant, yet we are bold and direct when speaking out against transgressions.