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BusinessOne Premium solution package

Cashflow management – Resource optimization
BusinessOne Premium solution package is the one-stop banking solution for customers with large transaction sizes, which will help business customers not only manage cashflow but also optimize resources in the most effective way to grow your business. With a convenient one-time registration, payment solutions and cashflow management, you can use most of Techcombank’s products and services digitally through our market leading online banking platform.
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Outstanding advantages of BusinessOne Premium
 More Benefit, Less Cost
  • 30% discount on domestic and overseas telegraphic transfer over the counter
  •  Zero-fee for dosmestic transfers with no condition via digital banking
  •  50% discount on online overseas telegraphic transfer with preferential FX rate via digital banking and over the counter
  • Free inward remittance from overseas banks, crediting into customer FCY account
  • No initial deposit, no minimum balance condition in current account
  • Techcombank Visa Business Debit Card – Free issuance, annual fee and 1% cash back on transactions
  • 50% discount on H2H connection service fee
  Secured and Convenient
  • One-time registration for full package offer, lifetime free
  • 24/7 payment and transfer via digital banking
  • 2-Factor authentication for transaction initiation and approval
  • Provide online documents for overseas transactions via digital banking
  • Techcombank Visa Business Debit Card accepted nationwide for payments
Outstanding benefits of BusinessOne Premium:

BusinessOne Premium solution package (1)
1.Current account 
   CASA interest in VND current account
   Account management fee
2. Domestic and overseas telegraphic transfer fee over the counter
30% discount off the standard fee
3. Digital banking service 
Digital banking's annual fee
Free for first year
Domestic transaction fee via digital banking
Free with no condition
Overseas telegraphic transfer
Discount 50% OTT fee via digital banking
Inward remittance from overseas banks, crediting into customer FCY account
Term Deposit interest
More preferential via digital banking
4. Techcombank Visa Business Debit Card
Issuing fee and annual fee
Free for first issuance and free for first year
1% cashback/ transaction value(2)
5. FX selling - buying
Preferential FX rate via digital banking
6. H2H online connection service
Discount 50% connection fee
7. Connection to MISA accounting software
Free connection and use of MISA Bankhub service
20% discount off list price of Misa service packages
(1) Free solution package fee when having minimum 1 transaction per month and maintaining a minimum average CASA balance on current account of over 100 million VND/month.
(2) Maximum 2,000,000 VND/month/customer.

 Instructions for transaction execution:
  • Guide to International Transfer and Foreign Currency Transactions PDF
  • Instructions for International Transfer transaction: Instructional Video
  • Instructions for foreign currency transactions: Instructional Video