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Announcement of Adjusting of Cash fee schedule for corporate clients

12/16/2021 10:04:02 AM
Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Techcombank) sends our respectful greetings. Thank you for your continued trust using Techcombank's services.

In order to provide the best experience to support your goals and aspirations as well as to improve new products and services, Techcombank would like to inform you of Adjusting of Cash fee schedule for corporate clients that be/become effective/come into effect/be in effect from January 01st 2022.

Some of the typical changes applied to the new schedule are listed below:
No. Items New fee schedule, effect from January 01st 2022
1 Dormant account fee if there is no transaction for last 6 months (per month) VND: 100,000 VND/account/month
FCY: 5 USD/EUR/account/month
2 Oversea Remittance
Inward remittance from oversea banks, crediting into customer FCY account
FREE  for credits with value < 20 USD
3 Payroll service via OTC
3.1 Remittance within TCB  
3.1.1 VND 2,000VND/tnx
3.1.2 FCY 5 USD
3.2 Remittance outside TCB
3.2.1 VND 2.000 VND + Remittance outside TCB fee/tnx , Min 100.000 VNĐ/list
3.2.2 FCY 15 USD/tnx
4 Payroll service via FEB
4.1 Remittance within TCB- FCY Free
4.2 Remittance outside TCB-FCY 7 USD/tnx
5 Adjust Account balance notice fee VND 50.000/monthly/mobile number
6 Fees for transactions via FEB/Internet Banking for group of payment intermediary customers Applicable remittance fee via H2H channel
Effective: 01/03/2022
Please refer to the detailed new Fee Schedule here
We always strive to bring you the holistic banking experience and look forward to your continued support and constructive feedback to become greater every day.
We hope you the best experience and continued success with Techcombank.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:
  • 24/7 Techcombank client services: 18006556 hoặc 84 (24) 7303.6556  
  • Or, please visit any Techcombank branch
Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Techcombank)