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"Beginning of the greater journey 2021" with Techcombank with thousands of promotions!

4/20/2021 10:47:40 AM

To sincerely thank our corporate customers who always have trusted and selected Techcombank as the main bank in the past, on the occasion of New Year Tan Suu 2021, Techcombank would like to bring you wealth & fortune by offering some exclusive incentives.
Applicable from 01/01/2021 to 31/03/2021.
  • Lucky Money of VND 666.000

     Quickly receive VND 666.000 for new customers registering for BusinessOne with just 2 steps:
     Sign up for the BusinessOne service package – safe, convenient, & cost-effective solution for business
     Make your first transaction via [email protected] EBank or via the Techcombank Visa Debit Card with total value from VND 66.000.000
    Most of Techcombank’s products and services digitally through our market leading online banking platform - [email protected] EBank and Techcombank Visa Business Debit Card for your transactional needs. 
    1. Detailed information about BusinessOne see here
     Register BusinessOne


    One time registration - Enjoy the promotion - Receive thousands of spring buds!
  • More spending - More benefits with the Techcombank Visa Debit Card 

     More spending - More benefits!
     Preferential policy for customers with the highest spending value in 2020 via the Techcombank Visa Debit Card:
     1% cashback up to VND 10.000.000/customer/month
     Fee waived for the following year

  • Tet Gratitude - Nhan loc vang

    Techcombank is pleased to offer vouchers valued from VND 1 million to VND 5 million to corporate customers eligible to become our loyalty customers.
  • Preferential credit package  - More working capital for our corporate customers 

     A timely funding solution to help businesses boost production and business development with the following advantages:

     Preferential & competitive interest rates.
     Simple credit approval process.
     Fast disbursement.

    • Detailed information of the program can be found here
  • Terms & Conditions: Please see here
  • FAQ: Please see here
With our vision of “Customer-centricity”, we continuously strive to create sustainable values for our customers. Techcombank hopes to always accompany you on the upcoming business path of becoming even Greater.
Let’s be Greater together!