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New generation ATM – automatic cash deposit and withdrawal machine for your corporate

3/25/2022 3:16:42 PM

 More convenient experience for businesses

  • Reduced waiting time compared to over-the-counter transactions
  • 24/7 transaction
  • Simple, no paperwork requirement.
  • The information of transaction is updated quickly
  • Free of charge
 How to deposit cash with new generation ATM

(*) Note:
- Deposit limit up to 300.000.000 VND;

- Place the money properly, remove any paper clips or elastic bands. Please make sure the cash is in the good condition;
- Notes Accepted – 50.000 VND, 100.000 VND, 200.000 VND and 500.000 VND denominations, up to 200 pieces each deposit.
 - For security and to avoid errors, it is recommended to use virtual keyboard on the ATM screen

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