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Push Balance Notification feature via TCB OTP application

2/23/2022 5:11:39 PM

In order to increase convenience, ensure safety and optimize costs for customers in this general situation of society, Techcombank is deploying the "Push Balance Notification" feature via TCB OTP application (free of charge) to replace SMS Balance Notification (with charges) as from October 04, 2021. Numerous outstanding benefits include:

 Safe and convenient

  •         Ensure the safety and confidentiality of information
  •         Update account balances anytime and anywhere when connecting the Internet
  •         Easy and flexible financial control and tracking

 Time and cost saving

  •         No need to access Internet Banking for transaction statements
  •         Completely free with no conditions
  •         Optimize financial performance

 TCB OTP and SMS comparison:

Service details

Push Balance Notification via TCB OTP application

Push Balance Notification via SMS




Receive balance notifications while abroad

Receive notifications when mobile devices are connected to Wifi/3G/4G/5G

Register for roaming services for the phone numbers registered with the Bank

Account balance inquiry

Convenient and fast based on timelines

Waste of time searching because of lack of a management tool

How to register

Register online on [email protected] EBank

Register at Techcombank branches or transaction offices

Balance threshold to receive push notification

No threshold

Change the threshold to receive balance notifications from 20,000 to 50,000VND (*)

(*) From September 15, 2021, Techcombank stops sending balance notification under VND 50.000 via SMS on customers’ account. Instead, customers can look up all transactions for free through TCB OTP application or [email protected] EBank.

Besides, from September 15, 2021. Techcombank officially change the threshold of sending SMS about the fluctuation of account balance for bussiness customers. See details here.

 Targeted audience: Applicable to all customers with View packages; Transaction packages using TCB OTP version Android 1.2.3 and iOS 1.5 and above.

 Registration instructions:

-      Instructions for registering and activating the feature via [email protected] EBank and checking balance notification on the TCB OTP application can be found here: Creation & Verification User and Inquiry User”

-      Links to download new or update TCB OTP application on mobile devices:
       Android: Link
       iOS: Link

For detailed information and support, please contact:

  •     Relationship managers
  •     Corporate Contact Center 1800-6556 (domestic) or 84-24 7303 6556 (international)
  •     Email BB customers: [email protected]
  •     Email WB customers: [email protected]
  •     Visit the nearest Techcombank branches or transaction offices.