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International money transfers


    • 1. I have an account at Techcombank. Can I transfer money from foreign countries to that account?
      ANSWERS: You can transfer from overseas to your foreign currency account at the bank. If you want to receive cash, we will convert the foreign currency into VND at the exchange rate of the transfer date and transfer to your VND account or pay in cash as instructed by you.
    • 2. I have a personal account in VND at Techcombank and my family member wants to transfer euros to my account. Can I withdraw such foreign currency?
      ANSWERS: To receive EUR transferred by your family member from abroad, you must have EUR account opened at Techcombank. It is very easy to open a EUR currency account: visit  Techcombank branch where your VND account is opened, fill in the application for opening foreign currency account and deposit a minimum balance of 20 EUR in cash (you should prepare this 20 EUR note in advance, because banks are not allowed to sell foreign currencies to individuals according to regulation). Then, you provide your EUR account number, Techcombank SWIFT (VTCB VN VX) and address of the Techcombank branch where you conduct the transaction with your family member.
      For picking up the remittance in cash, there are two options:
      + If you want to pick up EUR in cash, you have to pay a fee at 0,15% of the amount according to regulation (minimum 2 EUR)
      + If your want to pick up in VND, no fee applies.
    • 3. How can we transfer money (EUR) to our family members abroad and maximum amount?
      ANSWERS: According to the State Bank’s regulation, transfer of money to individuals in foreign countries must be approved by the State Bank. So, you first have to go to Foreign exchange management division of State Bank branch in provinces/cities where you are living to ask for license on transferring the money abroad. We will process the transfer according to the license issued by the State Bank. Please visit Techcombank’s outlets to get more information and advice on next steps.