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Red scarf to School – the journey to support 1,900 high-performing students

Techcombank launched its Red Scarf to School Program in 2012 as the Bank’s principal CSR program under which scholarships are handed out to poor but high-performing children.
Techcombank’s Board of Directors Chairman Ho Hung Anh (right) and Steve Banner, senior representative of HSBC at Techcombank at the launching ceremony for charitable donations for Red Scarf to School Program in 2012.
The Red Scarf to School was initiated by Techcombank   2011 with 500 scholarships awarded to disadvantaged students with excellent academic performance in six provinces.
On the occasion of the new school year and Techcombank’s 19th anniversary in 2012, Techcombank awarded 1,900 scholarships to primary school children in 44 provinces nationwide, with a total value of up to VND 1.9 billion. HSBC, a strategic partner owning nearly 20% of Techcombank shares, also financed 20% of the budget for the Red Scarf to School Program.
Representative of Techcombank symbolically handed out VND 1.9 billion scholarships for Red Scarf to School Program to Central Committee of Vietnam Study Promotion Association
Besides, Techcombank call for all of its employees to contribute an additional VND 237 million to purchase backpacks for the poor students awarded with Red Scarf to School scholarships on the occasion of the new school year.
It is a journey that lights the dream of studious students and brings more opportunities to poor school children. It is a journey that spreads extensively to 44 provinces and municipalities where Techcombank branches are located. The Red Scarf journey that was initiated from Hanoi in early September, has been spreading throughout the country’s provinces and municipalities and will end in Ho Chi Minh City in early November. At each location, Techcombank’s staff has been actively participating in, and in collaboration with the Study Promotion Association organized ceremonies to collectively hand out scholarships or to go to each town/ district and school to hand out the scholarships and gifts to the disadvantaged students.
Techcombank’s journey has brought scholarships to 1,900 disadvantaged students across the country and received a lot of happy smiles from children.