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An Nhi Bao Phuc Uu Viet

An Nhi Bảo Phúc

Accompany your kids in their education path

Getting married & having babies are among the most important events as they mark the beginning of new chapters in your life. And it’s certain that everyone wants the best for their children: good health, advanced education, financial assurance for their future and savings them to pursue their dreams.
With the desire to accompany you to bring your children a bright future, Techcombank would like to introduce our product An Nhi Bao Phuc Uu Viet with many special benefits.
  • Unique selling points

    • Protect both the mother and the baby during pregnancy.
    • Protect the baby from unforeseen risks from the first moment.
    • Education fund for your child to enjoy the best education.
    • Rewards as a recognition of your child’s academic achievement.
    • Premium waiver and financial support benefits to continue the Policy and the protection to guarantee your child’s future even if the bread winner is at risk.
  • Benefit summary

    • Benefits for the child
      • Educational benefits
      • Rewards for academic performance
      • Critical illness benefits for children under 18
      • Death or Total Permanent Disability Benefits
      • Funeral support
      • Dividends (not guaranteed)
    • Benefit for the mother
      • Benefits for prenatal complication or neonatal malformation
      • Death Benefit
    • Benefits for the high earner
      • Premium waiver
      • Financial support
  • General information

    • Entry age: Expectant mother from the 18th week of pregnancy, aged 18-55 or baby aged 1 day to 17 years of age.
    • Entry age of the 2nd insured: from 18 to 55 years of age.
    • Policy term:  from 10 to 27 years.
    • Premium paying term:  4 years shorter than the Policy term.
The information of the product’s features presented herein are for reference only. All insurance benefits and conditions thereof shall be in accordance with the Insurance terms and conditions approved by the Ministry of Finance. Please refer to the Product’s terms and conditions for details.

This plan is underwritten by Manulife (Vietnam) Limited under the approval of the Ministry of Finance and exclusively distributed by Techcombank.