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Binh An Vui Song Uu Viet

Bình An Vui Sống

For a healthy and happy life

In Vietnam, it is estimated that 73% of death is caused by non-infectious diseases, mainly cancer, cardiovascular, and pulmonary diseases. The treatment of such diseases is not only difficult but beyond the financial capability of many families. However, early detection can help reducing the treatment cost, allow the doctor to adopt better treatment to prolong life and provide higher chance of recovery for the patient.
Wishing to accompany you in a long and happy life, Techcombank would like to introduce our product Binh An Vui Song Uu Viet, the total protection if you’re diagnosed with a critical disease, as it provide financial support for your treatment.
  • Unique selling points

    • Comprehensive financial protection against critical illness in many stages with the total coverage of 300% of Face Amount.
    • Additional 25% of the Face Amount for juvenile critical illness or gender-related diseases.
    • With only a few year of premium payment, the coverage can last until you are 99 years old.
    • Cash value up to 100% of Face Amount when you reach 75 years old.
    • Benefit at maturity, up to 100% of Face Amount with Dividend and accrued interest.
  • Benefit summary

    • Protection
      • Critical illness benefits: from early-stage to advanced cancer
      • Death benefit
      • Funeral support
    • Savings
      • Special cash benefits
      • Maturity Benefits
      • Dividend (not guaranteed)
  • General information

    • Entry age: 1 month of age – 65 years of age.
    • Policy term: until 99 years of age.
    • Premium paying term: 12, 15 or 20 years.
The information of the product’s features presented herein are for reference only. All insurance benefits and conditions thereof shall be in accordance with the Insurance terms and conditions approved by the Ministry of Finance. Please refer to the Product’s terms and conditions for details.

This plan is underwritten by Manulife (Vietnam) Limited under the approval of the Ministry of Finance and exclusively distributed by Techcombank.