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Song khoe moi ngay

​Life is such a long journey with numerous goals and ambitions. To accomplish those goals and ambitions, above all, you need good health and a sense of excitement. Techcombank cares about your health, and together with Manulife, we give you on the support you need for your life journey. 
Song khoe moi ngay (Live Healthily Every Day) is a solution that enables you to live a healthy life and enjoy every happy moment in your life journey.
  • Benefits

    • Actual medical expense coverage for inpatients, outpatients and dental treatment
    • Extra payment for maternity care, cancer treatment and organ transplantation
    • Premium refund when signing up for family health insurance packages
    • Discount 10% of Premium if there is no claim
    • Free health counseling 24/7, provided by International SOS
  • Benefits summary

    • Insurance schemes
    Inpatients VND 125 million/year VND 250 million/year VND 500 million/year VND 1 billion/year VND 2 billion/year
    Outpatients Not applicable VND 12 million/year VND 24 million/year VND 48 million/year VND 100 million/year
    Dental treatment Not applicable VND 3 million/year VND 6 million/year VND 12 million/year VND 25 million/year
  • General information

    • Entry Age: 1 month old – 65 years old
    • Coverage term: same as the coverage period of the main policy but not longer than 20 years or when customers turn 70 years old  (*)
    • Premium term: same as the coverage period
    • Premium payment schedule: monthly/quarterly/semi-annually/annually (**)

    (*) Whichever time comes first. This product shall be renewed annually depending on the Company's approval.
    (**) The premium payment schedule of this product shall be the same as that of the main insurance policy (except for one that pays a lump sum premium).
The website only provides general information of the product. Benefits and conditions shall comply with the Insurance Terms and Conditions approved by the Ministry of Finance. Please refer to the Product Terms and Conditions to have a clear understanding of the benefits and features of the product.

This product is provided by Manulife Co., Ltd. (Vietnam) in accordance with the approval notice issued by the Ministry of Finance and is distributed by Techcombank