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Mon Qua Suc Khoe

Món Quà Sức Khoẻ

For heath, for love

Heath is wealth. Being healthy is the most precious gift life gives us.

Our solution Mon Qua Suc Khoe seeks to accompany you and help you with medical and dental expenses to assure you a happy and healthy life.
  • Unique selling points

    • Cover actual medical expense for inpatient, outpatient and dental treatment.
    • Supplementary payment for pre- & post-natal care, cancer treatment and organ transplantation.
    • A wide direct billing network in Vietnam and overseas.
    • Increase the benefits and protection for the entire family.
  • Benefit summary

    Healthcare benefit

    Maximum benefit per package Inpatient treatment benefit (VND) Outpatient treatment benefit (VND) Dental treatment  benefit (VND)


    100 million/year




    250 million/year

    12 million/year

    1 million/visit

    3 million/year

    1 million/visit


    500 million/year

    24 million/year

    2 million/visit

    6 million/year

    2 million/visit


    1 billion/year

    48 million/year

    4 million/visit

    12 million/year

    4 million/visit

  • General information

    • Entry age: 1 month of age – 65 years of age.
    • Policy term: renewed annually. 
    • Premium paying term: annually.
The information of the product’s features presented herein are for reference only. All insurance benefits and conditions thereof shall be in accordance with the Insurance terms and conditions approved by the Ministry of Finance. Please refer to the Product’s terms and conditions for details.

This plan is underwritten by Manulife (Vietnam) Limited under the approval of the Ministry of Finance and exclusively distributed by Techcombank.