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Bach Loc Toan Gia

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Solid financial foundation for prosperous future

What is the one thing that matters most to you? Is it planning for the education of your child? Is it health protection for your loved ones? Is it planning for your retirement? Or saving for a new house, a new car or other major expenses?

Everybody has one thing that matters more than anything else. At Techcombank, we believe your ideal insurance solution is one that is Flexible enough to be able to take care of what really matters to you while at the same time providing you with Attractive long-term savings and Comprehensive protection benefits.
  • Unique selling points

    • Comprehensive protection for your peace of mind
    • Flexible financial tool
    • Effective investment returns for your future
  • Benefit summary

    • Comprehensive protection for your peace of mind
      • Your financial plan is ensured with Death Benefit being 150 times the premium, until the age 99.
      • At an affordable premium, you can enhance your family protection against accidents, hospitalization, critical illness or total permanent disability with our supplementary benefits (riders) and complementary services.
      • Increase the coverage without medical examination.
    • Flexible financial tool
      • Adopt a flexible premium payment plan in line with your demand and financial capability from the 4th year of the policy.
      • Proactively chose & adjust the Face Amount in different stages of life.
      • Withdraw from the account value to afford your consumption needs.
      • Increase your investment for better returns from the Universal Life fund with promising interest rate.
    • Effective investment returns for your future
      • Attractive investment returns based on Universal Life fund performance.
      • Guaranteed interest rate against market volatility.
      • Optimal charge structure and loyalty bonuses for better savings your savings
  • General information

    • Entry age: 1 month – 65 years old.
    • Policy term: until 99 years old.
    • Premium paying term: flexible, may be the same as the Policy term.
The information of the product’s features presented herein are for reference only. All insurance benefits and conditions thereof shall be in accordance with the Insurance terms and conditions approved by the Ministry of Finance. Please refer to the Product’s terms and conditions for details.

This plan is underwritten by Manulife (Vietnam) Limited under the approval of the Ministry of Finance and exclusively distributed by Techcombank.