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Tu Tin Vung Buoc

Tự Tin Vững Bước

Foundation for the future

Are you looking for a solution that protects you and your family against risks yet worried about the impacts of high premium on your family’s finance in the long-term?
With Tu Tin Vung Buoc, you can decide your premium and while the premium is required for only 10 years, the protection will continue long afterwards. This is such a solid foundation for you to take each step with confidence and your future plans will be better secured.
Tu Tin Vung Buoc is a product of Manulife Vietnam, exclusively distributed by Techcombank.
  • Unique selling points

    • With only 10 years of premium payment, you & your family will have the protection for 30 years
    • You can decide the premium
    • Greater benefits and protection against several risks
    • Be flexible with 2 Protection Plan: Basic or Advanced.
    • You may cancel the Policy at the 20th year to receive 110% of the total premium submitted under Basic Plan (88% under Advanced Plan) or use the cash surrender value to maintain the policy until the 30th year of the Policy.
    • Simple & fast application procedure without any appraisal.
  • Benefit summary

    • Death Benefit: 100% of Face Amount
    • Accidental Death Benefits: besides the Death Benefit being 100% of Face Amount, 300% of Face Amount may be applicable. Accidental Death Benefits will cease at the end of the 20th year of the Policy.
    • Cancer Benefit: 100% of Face Amount, only applicable to Advanced Package and this benefit will cease at the end of the 20th year of the Policy.
    • Cash back: You will receive 110% of the total premium submitted at the closing of the contract in the 20th year. If you want to continue the protection, the Policy will be maintained automatically until the 30th year without requiring additional premium. The cash surrender value will be used to maintain the protection in the following years of the Policy.
    • No appraisal is required for your next Policy: The appraisal for Death Benefit will not be required when you enter into a new Policy with Manulife within 60 days from the 20th Policy anniversary date, with the maximum protection limit equivalent to the Face Amount of this Policy.
  • General information

    • Entry age: 18 - 60 years of age.
    • Policy term: 30 years.
    • Premium paying term: 10 years.
The information of the product’s features presented herein are for reference only. All insurance benefits and conditions thereof shall be in accordance with the Insurance terms and conditions approved by the Ministry of Finance. Please refer to the Product’s terms and conditions for details.

This plan is underwritten by Manulife (Vietnam) Limited under the approval of the Ministry of Finance and exclusively distributed by Techcombank.