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I. Product information of Techcombank Advance Card
Question 1: What is TCB Advance Card?
Credit card branded VISA, Standard (Classic) issued by TCB to individual customers who are grocery store owners to pay for goods and services on Vinshop e-commerce application
Question 2: What are the main benefits of TCB Advance Card?
For details, refer to Techcombank website HERE or contact Hotline 1800 588 822 (free) or +84 24 3944 669
Question 3: How many types of credit cards does TCB have / class?
TCB advance credit card is a Standard VISA credit card.
Question 4: What is interest free period for TCB Advance Card?
"Interest-free for all payment transactions for goods, services / Fee-collecting transactions / Interest-collecting transactions incurred in the Statement period of the Cardholder. Interest free period up to 40 days.
- Card statement date: 20th of every month. In case of a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, it will be moved to 02 working days immediately preceding.
- Card maturity date: 10 days from the statement date. If the coincidence is on Saturday / Sunday / holiday / holiday, it will automatically move to the next working day"
Question 5: How can I know the amount I need to repay by period?
"- Customer clicks on the link on SMS that is sent monthly by TCB to the registered phone number
- Customers use TCB's F @ stMobile app to view their credit card statements (this form will be developed in December 2020)"
Question 6: What is the statement date of the TCB Advance Card?
It is the 20th of every month. In case the 20th is coincident with a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday as prescribed by law, the statement date will be moved to the 2 preceding working days.
Question 7: What is the maturity date of the TCB Advance Card?
10 days since the statement date. If the payment due date is on Saturday/Sunday/holiday/holiday according to TCB's regulations, the payment due date is transferred to the next working day.
Question 8: What is the term and periodical payment amount of the TCB Advance Card?
Every period, Customer will make the full payment for the total amount according to the statement sent on the statement date at the latest on the payment due date.
Question 9: What are the conditions to register TCB Advance Card?
"Vietnamese individuals and foreigners living in the province / city where Techcombank operates.
• Between the age of 18 - 62.
• Having good transaction history with One Distribution Joint Stock Company
• Other conditions as stipulated by Techcombank"
Question 10: What is the credit limit for TCB Advance Card?
Highest credit limit up to 70 million VND. The credit limit granted to each customer will be different depending on the customer transaction history with One Mount Group Company
Question 11: What is the expiry date of the TCB Debit Card?
03 years from the time TCB successfully issued the card
Question 12: Is there any fee when I issue the card?
Customers are free of charge when issuing TCB Advance Card.
Please refer to the Fee and Interest Schedule here
Question 13: How long after registering, can the customer use the card?
2- 8 working hours from the time of registration.
In case customers register after 5:00 pm, the transaction will be processed by TCB on the next working day.
Question 14: Do customers already have Techcombank credit cards and can they be issued with TCB Advance Cards?
Ok. Customers only need to register their demand on the Vinshop application. The limit is based on the actual transaction value of the Customer on Vinshop application without additional supporting documents.
Question 15: Can a customer who is granted a TCB advance card needs to issue another credit card of Techcombank? Conditions and limits like?
Ok. Customers can register to issue on Techcombank's website or go to the nearest Branch / Transaction Office to register. Terms and conditions are based on the type of card you register.
For details, refer to Techcombank website HERE or contact Hotline 1800 588 822 (free) or +84 24 3944 6699
Question 16: How can I pay the balance of my credit card?
Customers can pay the balance of their credit card in the following ways:
- Automatic debit: TCB cash advance card provides automatic debit service registration. After that, customers only need to pay money into the account number registered for automatic debit. On the due date, the TCB system will automatically pay the balance of the credit card.
- Cash deposit: Customers can go to any Techcombank transaction office to make payment for the outstanding balance of their credit card statement by depositing cash into their credit card account.
- Payment via F @ st i-bank / F @ st Mobile service: Customers can register to use Techcombank's F @ st i-bank/ F @ st Mobile service to make online payments from their accounts. Deposit money from Techcombank to your credit card account
- Payment via ATM / CRM (new generation ATMs): Customers can go to any of Techcombank's automatic deposit / withdrawal machines to make payment for the outstanding balance of their credit card statements by: face to your checking account, then choose Pay a bill; Credit card payment.
- Credit card account number is unique and is printed on the monthly statement.
- Look up more information about Techcombank's network of transaction points, ATMs / CRMs here
Question 17: Can I use an advance card to withdraw money at an ATM?
No. TCB cash advance card is only used to pay for goods on Vinshop e-commerce application
Question 18: Can I ask the bank to increase/decrease my advance card credit limit?
Your card credit limit will be periodically reviewed by Techcombank for the limit adjustment
Question 19: How do I get an advance card of Techcombank?
When you satisfy the transaction history conditions on the Vinshop app, including: transaction time, number of transactions, transaction value. The Vinshop App will display a notice to invite you to open Techcombank's advance card. Then you just need to follow the instructions.
Question 20: If I am issued a card but have not used the card for payment, will I have to pay interest?
You do not have to pay any expenses if you have not used Techcombank's advance card to pay.
Question 21: What is interest rate charged for card?
"- Interest rate in term: 24.33% /year
- Free interest rate during the term*: Techcombank will exempt all payments for goods and services /transaction fee /Interest collection transactions incurred in the Cardholder's statement period (maximum 40 days).
- Overdue debt transfers: At the latest on the due date, if the cardholder fails to pay all the term-end outstanding balance on the statement or only pays a part, Techcombank will transfer all outstanding balance to overdue debt. Techcombank will charge overdue interest on the overdue balance.
- Overdue interest calculation formula: Interest = ∑ (Actual overdue balance x Overdue period x Overdue interest rate) / 365
• Overdue interest rate: 150% of the interest rate during the period
• Actual overdue balance: is the portion of outstanding balance on the statement that has not been paid by the cardholder to Techcombank. The balance at the end of this period is arising from the card issuance and using, including the value of payment transactions for goods and services and transaction fees
• Overdue period: is the time when the actual overdue balance arises (calculated from the due date to the end of the day immediately preceding the date the cardholder pays off the debt). Interest is calculated on a daily basis, accrued and recognized daily"
Question 22: Is the annual fee charged on the card? If yes, how much specifically?
The card is completely free annually
Question 23: What is the daily limit of payment and by internet / day?
Maximum value of the remaining available limit of the card
Question 24: In case I have a late payment, will I lose the penalty fee due to the late payment? How much is the specific fee?
The card does not charge a penalty for late payment
Question 25: When I violate the payment obligation, the card is temporarily locked, how can I re-open the card for use?
"If the Cardholder fails to pay or pay the amount less than the minimum repayment amount by the due date of the statement period following the unpaid statement period, TCB is entitled to consider temporarily blocking the card. TCB will terminate the temporary card blocking when the Cardholder pays at least the minimum unpaid amount"

II. Common problems when using the card

Question 1: When I need to check information, who can I contact?

"Vinshop: 1800 646869: Consulting, guiding and supporting features and services on Vinshop App/ Register services on Vinshop/ Using services on Vinshop/ Check with TCB/ Return - refund and cancellation of goods/ Promotions"
"Techcombank: 1800 588 822 (free) or +84 24 3944 6699: Card issuance status/ Credit limit/ Card transaction information/ Request to check card transactions/ Ask for help with activation and binding/ Card status"
Question 2: What should I do when making a transaction on Vinshop app but the transaction is unsuccessful but the account has been deducted
Customers can call 1800 646869 to check transaction status. In case the transaction is canceled, the card account will be refunded automatically afterwards. If there is no refund, customers can go to any of Techcombank's transaction offices or call 1800 588 822 for assistance in checking transactions.
Question 3: I entered wrong OTP and locked features, what should I do?
Customers will be locked out of features and services when they enter the wrong OTP more than 3 times/type of request, or enter the wrong OTP 5 times in a row. Features will be reopened for customer implementation after 24 hours.
III. Information about account and binding for payment via Techcombank
Question 1: If I unsuccessfully open an account via Fast mobile, is there any other way to open an account?You can go to the nearest TCB transaction counters to open an account
Question 2: How many times will the OTP password be provided when confirming the terms and conditions of the product?
For each OTP, you can enter up to 5 times. You can request to re-send the OTP up to 2 times.
Question 3: I took a photo of national ID but the information shown below does not match, even though I have done it again and again. Can you fix this for me?
Check if the customer has CusID in the system or not by asking the phone number that the customer has registered before. To ensure the safety of information for customers, the support center cannot replace the customer to correct personal information on the system. Please go to the nearest transaction office to request personal information correction and complete procedures
Question 4: I did not receive OTP when I registered to open FMB account, what should I do
Please check your phone number information when registering to open an account on FMB. In case the phone number does not match, please go to the nearest TCB transaction office to request a phone number correction.
Question 5: I downloaded App FMB but got an error, what should I do?
"Please check the Internet connection on your mobile device. If your mobile device cannot connect to the Internet, please contact your network provider or mobile device manufacturer for further technical assistance.
Currently, FMB application only supports devices running iOS operating systems (iPhone, iPad, iPod ...) from 6.1 or later. Mobile devices running Android operating system (Samsung, Google Nexus, LG, HTC, Sony ...) from 4.1 or later. If your mobile device has met the requirements, you can "
Question 6: How is the password on FMB considered valid?
"On FMB, you can set a password on FMB according to the rules:
- Password from 6-8 characters
- Include at least numbers, lowercase letters, uppercase letters (there may be special characters)
- Does not match with the last 3 passwords
- Password change time is less than 180 days"
Question 7: If I have wrong information to add or change information, what should I do?
If your phone number changes or changes information on your national ID, please go to the nearest Techcombank transaction counter to change your information.
Question 8: What should I do when the system reports that I have the same account number with another person on the system
In case your account number is the same as someone else in the system, please go to the nearest Techcombank transaction counter to change the information.
Question 9: I have multiple payment accounts at TCB. So when I want to pay for 1DC, which account do I have to choose?
On the registration process, 1DC's payment service for partners, you can enter the account number you want to make payment account for 1DC.
Question 10: I don't have a TCB account. I just downloaded the TCB app, and wanted to register a new account, but I received a message saying that my phone number is invalid. How do I register an account online?
"After asking for phone number, it is necessary to ask about the customer's full name and national ID.
If checking that the customer's phone number is identical to another customer, it is necessary to check the relationship between the calling customer and the customer in the system, and instruct the customer to go to the counter to carry out the procedure for registration of a regular account. often."
Question 11: Customer cannot register an e-bank account with eKYC due to the same national ID, or the same face
After asking for the phone number, it is necessary to ask for the customer's full name and national ID, then instruct the customer to go to the nearest transaction counter of TCB to carry out normal account registration procedures.
Question 12: Client cannot take face photo/national ID
Check if the customer has CusID in the system or not by asking the phone number that the customer has registered before. Call center guides customers to the counter to complete the procedure.
Question 13: During the process of using, the customer forgot his limit of only 200 million VND / month, and the bank transfer exceeded the limit. When blocked, the customer will get frustrated and call the call center. After confirming that this is a new customer, wanting to register an account via the eKYC feature, you need to guide customers to go to the counter to do normal account registration procedures.
Question 14: Customer asks about services that can be used with an e-banking account registered through eKYC
With a bank account registered through the electronic identification feature, you can use most services such as regular accounts, including bill payment, online savings ... You can also transfer money. But please note that the maximum transfer limit for this account is VND 200 million / month. And if you transfer more than that amount, please bring your ID to the nearest transaction counter to upgrade your account.
Question 15: Customer eKYC has lost money in their account
"Step 1: It is necessary to confirm that this is a new customer registering an account via eKYC feature and customer's identity.
Step 2: Need to check the status of the customer on the system to see if the account has been upgraded or not.
Step 3: Propose to close the account and follow the normal risk treatment process (appointment with the customer, the investigation and processing time is 45 days ...)"
Question 16: Customer registers products and services on Vinshop application, but at the step of customer information confirmation (eKYC 1MG performs OCR- incorrect extraction), customer information is displayed incorrectly, what should I do?
"[This part is in the answer category of 1D, but TCB needs to know the content in case customers call TCB hotline]
In case your personal information is displayed incorrectly, please take a photo of your ID card / Citizen card."
III. Payment
Question 1: When and how do I receive my credit card statement monthly? Via app or via text message?Customers receive online statements sent via SMS on statement date
Question 2: During the payment process, if I do not receive the OTP, what should I do
"- Customer is allowed to get back the OTP twice.
- If the OTP is still not received, the transaction can be repeated.
- Re-perform the transaction but still cannot do it, you can call 1DC's service switchboard to support."
Question 3: During the payment process, if I change my phone number to receive OTP, what should I do?Customers come to the transaction counter to perform
Question 4: I have not traded successfully but my account has been deducted. What procedure do I need to get money back and how long does it take to get money back to my account?
Call 1DC to check order status. These cases will follow the supporting line to investigate from 1DC to TCB providing full documents on transaction status to refund under the cooperation contract of both parties on investigation.
Question 5: I do not make a transaction but the account has been deducted, what procedure do I need to get money back and how long does it take to return to the account?
1. The content of deducting money of transaction customers has the following structure: "TT DON HANG + Mã đặt hàng + TREN VINSHOP" to identify balance fluctuations when deducting money
Question 6: In case I buy goods and have paid with TCB's account but the goods are defective, missing or incorrect, who will process me to get money back?
2. Customers contact 1DC for assistance with order status