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Golden Lotus Mileage Program

Privilege of Lotusmiles membership class upgrading

Benefits Conditions

Upgrading to Titan class of Lotusmiles membership

Nâng hạng hội viên bông sen vàng hạng Titan

Applicable to both debit cards and credit cards
Customers registering for new co-branded card opening:

  • Priority customers of Techcombank; or 
  • Card payment value of over 40 million VND within 30 days of card activation.
Co-branded Vietnam Airlines and Techcombank card holders:
  •  Transaction value of over 90 million VND in 3 consecutive months.

Upgrading to Gold class of Lotusmiles membership

Nâng hạng hội viên bông sen vàng hạng Vàng

Applicable to credit cards
Co-branded Vietnam Airlines and Techcombank card holders:

Transaction value of 1.2 billion VND in 12 consecutive months
Note: utility bill payments (for electricity, water, or sewage etc.) with maximum transaction value of 150 million/month/cardholder

Effective period: From 01 January, 2020 until further changes
Please click here for further details of benefits for Lotusmiles membership classes

Click here to view terms and conditions

Benefits of bonus mile accumulation

Class Bonus mile accumulation
(Applied for transactions from 01/05/2020)
Classic/ Gold
- Spending in Vietnam: 40,000 VND = 1 mile
- Spending overseas: 32,000 VND = 1 mile
Platinum - Spending in Vietnam: 30,000 VND = 1 mile
- Spending overseas: 25,000 VND = 1 mile

Click here to view terms and conditions

Method of converting bonus miles

Step 1 – Registering for Lotusmiles Program 

Register for Lotusmiles Program and creating an account on

Step 2 – Converting miles into award tickets or other rewards

Sign in to account on Select a destination and convert your mile into award tickets.

Information on Lotusmiles award

Sign in to your account on the Vietnam Airlines website at Insert your Lotusmiles membership card number to view information on Lotusmiles awards 

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