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Real estate project mortgage/transfer

Enjoy a modern, comfortable life with synchronous utility services of the harmonious design of projects with real estate transferring and buying mortgage package from only 7.79% interest/year.
  • The best interest rate and policy for the Buyer and Seller

    • Preferential interest rate:
      • Fixed interest rate only from 6.69%/year
      • 0% interest rate if the project is supported by the investor.
      • No principal payments for up to 24 months. 
    • The best policy for the Buyer and Seller: 
      • Finance up to 100% capital needs for the Buyer.
      • Reduce financial pressure for the Buyer with the payment period lasts up to 35 years.
      • Fast disbursement for the Seller.
      • If the Seller has a loan at Techcombank, the Seller will not have to settle the loan when transferring the real estate for a new Buyer.
      • Buyer/Seller receives the preferential offer up to 20.000.000 VND when referring friends/relatives to purchase and transfer mortgage projects.(Click here for more details)
  • Simple Process

  • Loan Profile

    The list of detailed papers to provide will depend on the actual situation of the customer and the Bank's policies from time to time.
  • Loan Conditions

    • Applicable to projects in agreement with Techcombank.
    • Customers having stable income every month from rental, salary, business,etc.
    • Customers meeting Techcombank’s regulations from time to time.